Gameloft. Yup,THAT Gameloft is coming to Tizen as well. During the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference, they demoed three of their popular mobile games — Let’s Golf 3, Real Football (Soccer), and Asphalt 7, all running on the Tizen developer device.

Check out the demos. Note that the latter part of the video is from one of the sessions that I was luckily attending.


SEGA is on board with Tizen, showing their upcoming apps at the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference. SEGA plans to release 12 SEGA Genesis Classics games to Tizen including Sonic 2, running at 60 fps, as well as popular HTML 5-based games such as Spellwood. Check out the demo!


The tunein Radio app is coming to Tizen! The popular Android and iOS app is making its way to Tizen with a Tizen-only Enhanced Car Mode feature, providing finger-friendly UI that lets you easily switch to your favorite radio stations with one hand. Check out demo!


I previously reported that blinkx is releasing a blinks app for Tizen. I was able to talk to one of the lead developers of blinkx at the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference and he gave me a demo of their upcoming blinkx app for Tizen. Along with the blinkx app, blinkx is coming out with an open source blinkx video player for the Tizen developer community.


I previously reported that Havok is bringing Project Anarchy to Tizen and that they will be at the 2013 Tizen Developer conference to do a demo! Well here it is — check out the Project Anarchy gaming platform running on, yup, an actual Tizen developer device!


Earlier this month, I reported about a community driven initiative to port Qt to Tizen. Only a few days have passed and Qt for Tizen 1.0 Alpha 1 have been announced. I was lucky enough to meet Leon Anavi, one of the main contributors of the Qt for Tizen group at the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco, and gave me a personal demo of Qt 5.1 running on an actual Tizen developer device (RD-PQ). Check out the video below.

As you can see on the demo, Qt is easily running on Tizen 2.1 Nectarine at 60 fps. You can also see however that the Qt apps are still beine launched via command line. Leon also mentioned that there are still some things that needs to be worked out, such as support for the pop-up keyboard.

If you are a fan of both Qt and Tizen, feel free to help with the initiative. You can find all the details of the community at the Qt for Tizen wiki page.


Matt Jones, GENIVI Vice President and Senior Technical Specialist for the Next Generation of Infotainment systems at Jaguar Land Rover, gave us a demo of the Proof of Concept Tizen IVI on the Land Rover. While not an actual product, this gives us an insight on the exciting future of In-vehicle Infotainment.

The Tizen IVI proof of concept was created through a user experience contest from Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). According to Matt, even though the contest is finished, everyone is still encouraged to improve on the project.

For those interested to try out the AGL Demonstrator, the images are available for download at AGL (link).


blinkx just announced a dedicated blinkx app as well as an open source blinkx Video Player for the Tizen community.

“We’re delighted to join Tizen in making this innovative operating system even more video-friendly for both app developers and users,” said S. Brian Mukherjee, CEO of blinkx. “By open sourcing our video player for Tizen developers, we look forward to expanding further into the mobile video space.”

The blinkx app will replicate the look and feel of, giving access to over 35 million hours of online video and over 800 media partnerships.

For Tizen mobile app developers, blinkx has developed an open source HTML5 video player to help incorporate a fully-functional video player into their apps. The lightweight and easy-to-use code allows developers to build a single- or multi-video player experience with their own videos in multiple formats.

More info at


In time for the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference this week, just announced the release of the Tizen Developer Tools (v13.04). The new release includes version upgrades to the Git Build System (gbs 0.16), MIC Image Creator (mic 0.19), and Block Map (bmap-tools 2.3).

Enhancements details:

gbs 0.16

  • introduce new subcommand ‘createimage/cr’, to create image using ks file
  • performance optimization:
    • put all build roots in a individual directory, which can be mounted as tmpfs to speed up building, based on our experimental build time can save 50%. We used 800 Tizen packages as test data, without tmpfs, gbs spent about 5 hours to build all packages, but with tmpfs enabled, only 2h, 25mins spent
    • avoid export multiple times for packages contain multiple spec files
    • refine createrepo by using –update to speed up
  • bug fixes
  • release notes

mic 0.19

  • introduce ‘–part-type’ to handle GPT partition
  • copy bmap creation from bmap-tools
  • update some depends and fix depends issue
  • bug fixes
  • release notes

bmap-tools 2.3

  • Add bmap file SHA1 checksum into the bmap file itself in order to improve robustness of bmaptool
  • Re-structure the bmap file layout
  • Make the test-suite work on btrfs
  • details release

Install docs can be found here.


Nectarine flower

Just in time for the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference, just released Tizen 2.1, codenamed “Nectarine”.

Dubbed as a “minor release”, changes include:

  • Enhanced Web framework that provides state-of-the-art HTML5/W3C API support including new features, such as Content Security
  • Policy 1.0 and Navigation Timing, and relevant specification updates
  • Web DynamicBox runtime framework supporting the embedding of Web DynamicBox in viewer-like applications (e.g., home screen application)
  • Enhanced Web IDE providing WYSIWYG design environment, Chrome-based JavaScript inspector, and JavaScript log viewer
  • Native IDE providing a project wizard, WYSIWYG design environment, unit test tool, and dynamic analyzer

Check out the full list of changes in the Tizen 2.1 release notes. SDK installation instructions are here. Device flashing instructions are here.

Lakspur to Magnolia to Nectarine. Can anyone guess the next flower release — maybe Orchid? :)

Photo Credit: Ricardo Martins