Developers The Tizen Developer Device bootloader

The Tizen Developer Device bootloader

It seems like the Tizen folks have provided a special mode on the Tizen Developer Device to view the boot log and more importantly boot from an image from the built-in SD card slot.

From my good pal, Thomas Perl‘s (@thp4) tweet:

Tizen Developer Device bootloader (Vol+, Vol- and Power to boot): #tizenconf via @stskeeps

To activate the menu, you have to hold down the Volume +, Volume -, and Power button to boot the the device, and then hold down the same three keys again to enter the User Mode. You then use the Volume buttons to scroll through the boot modes, and use the Power button to select.

I wonder how easy to boot a hacked Tizen image and what other OSes can run on this Developer Device? ;)

Link: thp4′s Flickr
  • Jezra

    Hopefully Arch can run on it. I’d love to have a real gnu+linux with a working package manager on the device