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Matt Jones, GENIVI Vice President and Senior Technical Specialist for the Next Generation of Infotainment systems at Jaguar Land Rover, gave us a demo of the Proof of Concept Tizen IVI on the Land Rover. While not an actual product, this gives us an insight on the exciting future of In-vehicle Infotainment.

The Tizen IVI proof of concept was created through a user experience contest from Linux Foundation’s Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). According to Matt, even though the contest is finished, everyone is still encouraged to improve on the project.

For those interested to try out the AGL Demonstrator, the images are available for download at AGL (link).


Sprint just announced that they will be the first North American carrier to join the Tizen Association, joining NTT DOCOMO, Orange, SK telecom, Telefónica, and Vodafone. From their press release:

Sprint continues to support an open mobile ecosystem that enables choice for Sprint customers, and Tizen provides another open and flexible environment for developers to create innovative applications for end users. The Tizen software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API) allow developers to use HTML5 and related Web technologies to write applications that run across multiple device categories, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment devices.

Links: Sprint Press Release