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INFRAWARE just unveiled their Polaris App Generator (PAG), a platform that can transform Android games and applications to seamlessly run on Tizen. It aims to to smoothly run Adroid apps on a diverse range of devices using Tizen.

INFRAWARE also plans to provide a publishing service for converted apps in the Tizen app store. Interested Android developers should collaborate with INFRAWARE with regards to app conversion and for help leveraging their apps in the Tizen ecosystem.

“INFRAWARE will support the new mobile operating system and its steady growth with our innovative technology and know-how,” said Min Cheol Kwak, CEO of INFRAWARE. “Also, with Tizen and other newly emerging mobile platforms, we are committed to exploring and promoting continuous growth in efficiency and market expansion opportunities for game and application developers through technology and service efforts which minimize their additional costs.”

INFRAWARE will provide more details at the 2013 Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco next month.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of running Android apps in Tizen. Sometime back OpenMobile World Wide Inc., announced a similar service called Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) (link).

Links: INFRAWARE Press Release


Sounds good to be true but OpenMobile World Wide, Inc., via their Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) product, will let you run 400,000+ Android apps on Tizen smartphones, tablets, IVIs, and connected TVs. They promise 100% compatibility, natively run without latencies, with zero developer effort.

I have seen a demo during the Tizen Developer Conference and the Android apps work surprisingly well on Tizen. Here’s an official demo video that OpenMobile just uploaded showing Facebook, Winamp, and Guitar Hero 5 Android apps on a tablet running Tizen:

Links: OpenMobile ACL