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The Tizen Talk Forum (TtF) is now up! For those who know me, I’m the current forum adminstrator (Talkmaster) of (TMO) and the MeeGo Forum. Let me say that I’m a big forum fan. :)

TtF will basically act as an unofficial* Tizen forum so Tizen hackers and enthusiasts can post and encourage discussion about Tizen topics that can be uncomfortable to post or might be classified as ‘noise’ at the mailing lists. As a treat, Thomas Perl, famous for his gPodder app, is now posting his hacks at the Hacks forum.

The forum is running on a new (commercial) forum system called Xenforo, which looks a bit different to the vBulletin forums you have been used to. In any case, this is the time to register, reserve your username, introduce yourself, comment on the forum structure, and share anything about Tizen. If you want to volunteer as a forum moderator, let me know. See you all at the forum!

* For the record, while doesn’t have a forum, I heard Dawn Foster, Tizen Community Manager, mention in her talk at the recently concluded 2012 Tizen Developer Conference, that’s official developer-only forum in being planned.

Continuing his hacking spree, Thomas Perl this time managed to build Qt 4.3.1 in SBS and copy over the files to the Tizen Developer Device running Tizen 1.0 Larkspur. He notes that he only did a full cross-compile, so there might still be some work and porting to be done to make it fully usable.

Thomas posted the full instructions at the Tizen Talk – Hacks forum, in case you have questions or intend to help with the project.

The video below shows the Qt demo running on the Tizen Developer Device:

Only a few days after my good pal, Thomas Perl, received his Tizen Developer Device at the 2012 Tizen Developer Conference, he has been quite busy hacking Tizen and finding ways to install modules and libraries that are not officially supported and/or not part of Tizen 1.0 Larkspur. He has managed to install Python, SDL, and PyGame, and provided instructions, even a full package on how to install Python on Tizen at his website.

Thomas has started a thread in the Tizen Talk – Hacks forum to discuss and share your experience with Python on Tizen.

The video below shows samegame by Joel Murielle running on the Tizen Developer Device:


It seems like the Tizen folks have provided a special mode on the Tizen Developer Device to view the boot log and more importantly boot from an image from the built-in SD card slot.

From my good pal, Thomas Perl‘s (@thp4) tweet:

Tizen Developer Device bootloader (Vol+, Vol- and Power to boot): #tizenconf via @stskeeps

To activate the menu, you have to hold down the Volume +, Volume -, and Power button to boot the the device, and then hold down the same three keys again to enter the User Mode. You then use the Volume buttons to scroll through the boot modes, and use the Power button to select.

I wonder how easy to boot a hacked Tizen image and what other OSes can run on this Developer Device? ;)

Link: thp4′s Flickr