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The Linux Foundation just announced at LinuxCon Japan 2012 that Samsung will be joining the organization as a Platinum-level member. As a Platinum member, Samsung gets a seat on The Linux Foundation’s Board of Directors, joining Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, NEC, Fujitsu, and Oracle. According to WonJoo Park, Vice President of Samsung Electronics:

The Linux Foundation is an important organization. It brings the right people and resources together to help companies and developers advance Linux for everyone,


We’re looking forward to increasing collaboration and support for our growing portfolio of Linux-based devices and to making contributions that advance Linux for all.

A $500,000 annual fee is required to become a Linux Foundation Platinum member.

This is certainly good news for Tizen as both Intel and Samsung are now both Platinum members of The Linux Foundation. More importantly, it solidifies Samsung’s dedication to open source.

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