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It looks like the Tizen image flashing instructions are out! I wouldn’t have found out about it had not my good pal jezra posted a link in the forum (I’ve been waiting for it to be announced in the mailing list which was promised 2 weeks ago).

Anyway, below is a summary of the steps, and oh, you need to be running Ubuntu (32-bit):

  • Download the Tizen image
  • Download and install the lthor library
  • Turn off device
  • Enter download mode by pressing <volume-down> + <power> buttons simultaneously
  • Connect device to the Linux PC via USB
  • Upload the image with:
    sudo ./lthor lb-tizen-1.0_20120613.10-rs.tar.gz
  • Wait until upload is finished and the device does a reboot

The full, detailed instructions are at the Wiki.

Thanks jezra!